Hello, I'm Barbara the owner of Bella Mamma's Biscotti,  I've been making biscotti for years for family gatherings and for friends, and my beautiful Italian mother talked me into selling them! My mother was from Foggia, Italy , she grew up with biscotti, but she didn't like them they were too hard for her, once she tasted mine she was hooked on them! 
 I followed her advice and in October 2020, we launched our Online Bakery,  Everything is made fresh to order so you have the freshest product, shipped either priority mail or ups or curbside if you are near us. 

  We have over 26 flavors of Biscotti, muffins, cookies, and cake truffles, we experiment with new flavors all the time and add them to the list.
 Along with online, we cater to businesses, like open houses, school and church functions, parties you name it . 
We also travel to different venues so if you keep up with the newsgroup or sign up on FB you will know where we are .  I will put up a show schedule on the website .

   I hope you give us a try ,  I'm sorry my mother didn't live to see the business launch but she is watching over me and pretty sure she is taking credit for the whole thing , lol !